From June 5 to 10, the “Environment Week” took place at the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Madrid. In this event, organized by the Spanish Association of Bio companies (AseBio) of which ADL is a part, companies from the sector gathered to show visitors the best examples of biotechnological innovation and how it can help achieve a sustainable future and in harmony with the environment, curb climate change and protect the planet.

ADL BioPharma was present at the opening day, coinciding with World Environment Day, celebrated on June 5 and whose theme this year was “One Earth”. Our goal was to show the public, and especially the little ones, that biotechnology works in favor of protecting the environment. At ADL BioPharma we sustainably manufacture products that are used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, through the fermentation of natural bacteria, yeasts, fungi and algae. We are the best example that great achievements can be achieved with effort, perseverance and investing in research and development, and that was the message we wanted to convey. And we got it! In view of the large influx of families to our stand and the interest they showed.

El público, sobre todo los más pequeño, disfrutaron con las explicaciones que les descubrían el futuro de la producción sostenible gracias a la biotecnología.

The audience, especially the younger ones, enjoyed the explanations that revealed to them the future of sustainable production thanks to biotechnology.

To show the attendees a small part of what we achieve at ADL BioPharma, we exhibited two of our flagship products, both used in essential foods or food supplements for optimal nutrition:

  • Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), a type of Omega-3 fatty acid, which helps the heart, brain and immune system function properly, and helps prevent diseases such as diabetes, cancer or arthritis.
    These Omega-3 acids are present in many foods, such as shellfish and nuts, but where they are usually extracted from is oily fish. Industrial production for the manufacture of supplements requires a large quantity of these fish, with the negative impact of their fishing on marine ecosystems.
    At ADL BioPharma we produce DHA thanks to the fermentation of a microalgae, in a sustainable and vegan way. We can obtain more than 7 tons of DHA in two weeks of production; to obtain the same amount, 300 tons of salmon would be needed.
  • 2′-fucosyllactose (2′-FL): is a trace element, that is, a molecule that is essential in small quantities, such as vitamins or some minerals. 2′-Fucosyllactose is a type of essential sugar that is found in breast milk and, therefore, is essential for the manufacture of formula milk for babies and children. It helps digestion, develops the intestinal bacterial flora and the immune system of babies, and protects them from infections.
    The 2′-FL that we produce at ADL Biopharma from the fermentation of bacteria is chemically identical to that of breast milk, and it is a key component in the manufacture of milk formula that replaces breastfeeding when it is not possible.

When the public discovers, with these examples, the power and projection of Biotechnology, they understand the work we do at ADL BioPharma. The explanation and demonstration of its manufacturing processes amazed young and old attendees at the event, planting the seed of scientific and ecological interest in the minds of future professionals.