A research work that results in a much more sustainable production while maintaining the quality of the cosmetic product

In the first half of 2021, ADL began to produce a new product with application in the cosmetic industry: resveratrol. A powerful antioxidant widely used in cosmetics that has been made through a fermentation process and its subsequent purification line, until it reaches the final powder product.

The objective of this new line is production committed to sustainability to improve and bet on an “ecofriendly” fermentation process.

The investment to achieve this has been more than five million euros and a year of work. As a result, ADL has created an integrated facility that allows the purification of high added value cosmetic molecules. Becoming a benchmark plant in Europe.

ADL’s extensive knowledge has made it possible to optimize the manufacturing process and methodology, with changes in its extractive methods.

This modification has been a great technological challenge given that ethanol is a product subject to rigorous regulatory requirements and this implies more complex processes at all levels, including administrative, as it is an alcohol.

Domestication of microorganisms to move from chemical synthesis into fermentation

It has gone from a process of obtaining the product by chemical synthesis to obtaining the product by fermentation, much more sustainable and “ecofriendly”.

This is part of the second domestication, where ADL is a world reference, getting microorganisms to work for us in the fermentation processes.

ADL has demonstrated here its high degree of knowledge and experience in these processes, as it continues to work in line with its commitment to environmental and economic sustainability.