We manufacture products for third parties with the same requirements as we develop our own portfolio.

The elaboration of biotechnological products by fermentation methods for third parties has become one of the most important and fastest growing business areas at ADL BioPharma in less than two years. We have the most advanced biotechnology plant in Southern Europe and our facilities have a total fermentation capacity estimated at 2,400 m3. This makes us the reference partner for our clients in the scaling stages and in the industrialization of their projects.

ADL BioPharma aims to become a strategic partner by offering the highest standards of commitment and quality, and to establish itself as the executive arm helping our customers achieve both profitability and efficiency.

Since we run a multi-product fermentation facility, the synergy with our partners allows us to benefit from the most advantageous commercial contracts with our suppliers, which optimizes our production costs and makes it possible for us to offer not only our high standards of commitment and quality, but also a financial edge in the cost of the projects.

We offer our customers:

  • The development of fermentation, isolation and purification processes.
  • Operational support and a guarantee of quality.
  • The industrialization of contract manufacturing processes.
  • The biotechnological production of:
    • Bio-fuels
    • Nutraceuticals
    • Enzymes
    • Food supplements
    • Biocatalysts
    • Vitamins
    • Cosmetics



industrial fermentation plants.


m3 capacity.


m3 of vegetative fermentation chambers.


m3 of auxiliary tanks and continuous sterilizers.


distillation columns.

A water purification plant designed specifically for the treatment of waste produced by fermentation processes.