ADL BioPharma’s company culture rests on three pillars: Solutions, Innovation and Commitment.

Our business areas, which are complementary, cover all the stages of developing and manufacturing products and intermediates obtained through fermentation processes for third parties, as well as all the stages of the production of our own portfolio of active therapeutic substances, mainly oral and sterile beta-lactams.

This makes ADL BioPharma the ideal partner for both large and small-scale projects. We believe firmly in establishing and developing long-term relationships with our customers, always seeking a collaboration that is profitable for both parties. ADL BioPharma offers quality products, high fermentation capacity, biotechnological solutions, and integral support throughout the project to all our partners.

Our mission at ADL BioPharma is to guarantee the best possible service to our clients, by providing:


High industrial capacity to manufacture

any product through a fermentation process in compliance with the highest quality standards, making ADL BioPharma the reference partner in the fermentation field.


A variety of services on contract

for the development of products, available to customers that are looking for assessment and biotechnological support for their projects or for improvement and transfer of their technology, and we offer the possibility of industrial scaling up within the same company at a later stage as well.


A wide range of active beta-lactam

ingredients manufactured under the highest standards of quality and in compliance with FDA and EMEA regulations. ADL BioPharma’s ethical principles are the reference values that guide our behaviour and our day-to- day activity.

Ethical principles of ADL BioPharma lead our business conduct and our day-to-day activity