Our research is focused on adding new high-value molecules to our portfolio, along with European quality.

The production of active substances derived from penicillin is in our DNA since the company was first founded in 1954, and we have been one of the leading plants specialized in the production of penicillin derivatives in Europe for decades. ADL BioPharma today focuses on offering our customers high value-added products, mainly within the range of beta-lactam active ingredients (sterile and oral), but also on researching and developing new molecules that meet the needs of the current market. Added to our continuous innovation approach, this has allowed us to successfully incorporate new molecules to our portfolio.

Our R&D Department, in combination with the meticulous standards established by our Quality Department, have made ADL BioPharma successful and have allowed us to be in a leading position for years.



metric tons

Sterile plant with a production capacity of 60 metric tons.

Mixer to formulate premix sterile pharmaceuticals.


for CMO

Building available for contract manufacturing of high potency active substances.

High capacity to manufacture semi-synthetic penicillins: 1,000 MT (measure taken on Amoxicillin trihydrate).

Capacity to manufacture both oral and sterile penicillins on contract.