Sustainability Plant

At ADL Biopharma, in our role as a responsible member of society and of the pharmaceutical industry, we are aware of the fact that our activity must be carried out in a framework of sustainability and protection of the environment.

We have the largest water purification plant in the city of León, with a surface equivalent to 5 soccer fields (60,000 m2)

Environmental Policy

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Ethical Principles

Our fundamental principles are:

  • To comply with the applicable Environmental Legislation and Regulations in force, and with any other requirements that the company voluntarily subscribes.
  • To promote Continuous Improvement among the management, through planning and implementing the necessary procedures, objectives and goals, in coordination with the required financial planning.
  • To reduce the environmental impact of our activity by fostering the use of clean technology.
  • To promote the rational use of resources and their sustainable consumption, by encouraging the application of the 3Rs of sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
  • To involve and train every member of the staff, and to hold them responsible for respecting, sharing and applying these principles.