More than 60 years of experience in biotechnology, microbiology and development of chemical processes.

ADL Biopharma boasts over 60 years of experience in biotechnology, microbiology and development of chemical processes, and offers pilot plants for fermentation and synthesis, all of which makes us the reference partner for the development and manufacture on contract of products obtained from fermentation, as well as for the supply of high quality active pharmaceutical ingredients.

ADL Biopharma offers extensive capacity to make products through chemical synthesis technology, biotransformation, and microbial fermentation, including not only active pharmaceutical ingredients but also chemical intermediates, ingredients for cosmetics, food supplements, and biopolymers.

ADL Biopharma’s production plant is the most advanced biotechnological facility in Southern Europe and it complies with the highest quality standards, offering tailor- made solutions to those companies that need to develop, scale up and manufacture any kind of biopharmaceutical product.


ADL BioPharma’s Research and Development Department combines its knowledge of the processes with the versatility to adapt to the market and to our clients, leading the company towards a continuous improvement of the existing processes, and contributing to the incorporation of new products to our portfolio.

Under ADL BioPharma’s new identity, the available chemical and biotechnological methods are applied in a wide range of industrial production processes that include the development of both pharmaceutical and intermediate products and non- pharmaceutical products, which allows us to maximize our capacity and to adapt to the demands of the current market.

We have a team of 25 people and over 70% of them hold doctorates. Their objective is to give solutions to our clients, to provide leading-edge technology in the field of biology and organic synthesis, and to successfully combine efficiency and profitability.



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