Solutions, Innovation and Commitment

For more than 60 years, we have been building long-term relationships with our customers and are committed to provide quality solutions for every different project. For this reason, we are the European partner of choice for companies of any size, that aim to generate well-being in our environment, to implement their biotechnology projects.

About us

ADL BioPharma provides outstanding contract development and manufacturing services. Our commitment is to provide sustainable, profitable and holistic solutions that range from the initial laboratory stage to industrial production.

ADL Pilot Plants

(CDO Services)
Scaling up your innovation to the next level

ADL has a broad know-how in process development and scaling up of new sustainable biotechnologies for multiple markets and industrial sectors aimed at providing well-being to society (Food Ingredients, Flavours & Fragrances, Personal Care and Cosmetics).

Fermentation Pilot Plant

Here, we optimize, scale-up and transfer the fermentation protocol from the lab up to 2,000 L. At this site we have four main functional areas: media preparation, semi pilot laboratory, pilot plant and control room.

Recovery and purification Pilot Plant

In this plant, we process the fermentation broths by carrying out the main DSP stages used in the industry including, but not limited to, separation, extraction and purification of the microbial metabolites of interest.

ADL Pilot Plants are open-access facilities

Open to project developments from the initial stages to customized production. Our model provides all the benefits shortening time to market and saving costs.

Manufacturing Fermentation Plant

(CMO Services)

At ADL, manufacturing projects for SMEs can be up and running quickly. Our clients can be sure that production will adapt to the growing needs of their businesses.

On the other hand, large companies will find in ADL a partner that provides them with added-value by improving and optimizing their processes.


(Product portfolio and CMO Services)

ADL BioPharma manufactures a wide range of beta-lactam antibiotic active ingredients under the highest-quality standards and in strict compliance with FDA and EMA regulations. We also offer CMO services to manufacture sterile APIs under GMP standards, providing full technical and regulatory support.

ADL committed to the environment

ADL subscribes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the 2030 Agenda. ADL has defined lines of action in its Environmental Policy and has implemented an Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001:2015.