Fermentation Plant
(CMO Services)

Continuous optimization of production processes

With more than 60 years of experience in the Biotechnology Industry, ADL is a global CMO leader in high value fermentation products.

Nowadays, our premises represent one of the largest biotech facilities in Southern Europe that combined with our extensive experience make us the reference partner for the contract manufacture of fermentation products.

Our facilities comply with the highest existing quality standards, allowing us to provide tailor made holistic solutions.

Rapid entry into manufacturing phase with capacity to adapt to our customers’ growth needs

The CMO projects for fermentation-based products, of either small or medium-sized business, can be quickly set in motion by ADL. All emerging new partners can rest assured that production will be adapted to their own growth requirements.

Adaptation to customers’ requirements

Expert partner in green and efficient manufacturing through precision fermentation and purification

Larger companies with a high production demand will find in ADL a partner that is going to bring added-value both to achieve a sustainable fermentation as well as to improve their process optimization.

ADL Plant has a fermentation capacity of over 1,800 m3 along with a broad range of downstream capabilities spread in several recovery areas. This wide capacity is what has made us become a global industrialization and key supply partner for functional molecules made via bacteria, yeasts, fungi or microalgae fermentation processes, dedicated to the advanced food ingredients, flavours & fragrances, personal care and cosmetics markets.

We are the key supply partner for functional molecules made via bacteria, yeasts, fungi or microalgae fermentation processes

Solutions provided at the key stages of the process

Our speciality is to give solutions both in the area of fermentation (USP) and for the recovery and purification processes (DSP).

We have the required equipment and extensive experience in the field of development, scaling and innovation applied to any biotechnological process.

ADL BioPharma currently has extensive chemical facilities and laboratories, as well as pilot fermentation and chemical development plants.

We offer personalized solutions to our customers and provide support at each stage of the project: from its development and scaling up to the industrial production.

Development and optimization of production processes.

Design and commissioning of downstream processes.

Technology transfer, technological assessment and improvement for external processes.

Industrial manufacturing of customized manufacturing processes.

Our high fermentation capacity together with our biotechnological solutions and comprehensive support at every stage of the project, result in robust and long-term relationships with customers all over the world.

Fermentation plant: capabilities & facilities


2-5 L fermenters, incubation chambers, master cell bank, two strain monitoring robots, etc.

Semi Pilot & Pilot Plants

Cutting edge technology focused on versatility for all types of development projects (up to 2,000 L fermenter).

Industrial Plant

  • Over 1,800 m3 capacity distributed in different fermentation plants.
  • Over 170 m3 of vegetative fermentation chamber capacity.
  • More than 250 m3 of auxiliary tanks and continuous sterilizers.
  • More than 25 distillation columns.


NQA Certifying Company: GMP recommended by the CODEX Alimentarius Commission.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration: Registration food facilities.