Commitment – economic sustainability

As a multiproduct fermentation facility, the synergy with our partners allows us to optimize our production costs to the maximum, thus offering not only high standards of quality and commitment, but also economic cost advantages.

Our value proposition to help our clients and strategic partners to be more competitive, is to work on continuous improvement by optimizing all processes to achieve higher performance and higher quality of their productions, polluting less and helping to maintain the environmental sustainability

Our goal is to save time and money for companies that have trusted ADL, which benefit from obtaining higher yields from their products at the lowest possible cost, thus maintaining the economic sustainability of their businesses.

We achieve it by designing process lines in a flexible and adapted way, starting with the project outline, from the laboratory and the pilot plant (process development), going through scaling according to the specific needs of each project, up to custom manufacturing. And in each step all our know-how and infrastructures are oriented to achieve maximum profitability and competitiveness of the purified final product.

“Efficient fermentation in the absence of contamination” (economic and environmental sustainability) associated with an “ecofriendly” production.

At ADL we manage to meet the most demanding needs of our customers in a short time and with a pragmatic and profitable approach through the development of fermentation, recovery and purification technologies for biological products.