Technical area

ADL BioPharma offers all its clients access to share our vast experience in biotechnology development and manufacturing.

Our commitment to innovation becomes a reality thanks to a specialized human team in constant training process and with a constant investment in the development of new technologies and state-of-the-art equipment. Whether you are a large pharmaceutical company or a biotech start-up, our team can develop and transform a promising molecule into a marketable product for you.

The commitment to quality is made concrete through our chemical synthesis, biotransformation, precision microbial fermentation and purification of high-value molecules processes that are rigorously designed and controlled throughout our 60-year history.

Our commitment to sustainability includes respecting the environment throughout our entire value chain, efficiently contributing to the competitiveness of our clients.

At ADL BioPharma we have the experience and ability to support the custom development of a biotech manufacturing project from initial development through commercial manufacturing.

There is always close communication throughout the project and close contact with our teams of specialists and the possibility of following up the process closely both in the laboratory phases and during the pilot tests. This ensures seamless technology transfer in both directions. The experience acquired in each project becomes part of the client’s know-how.

Our differential activity is scaling. Our team of engineers and technicians combine decades of experience and technological know-how to avoid pitfalls in the early stages of the process and ensure rapid, efficient and cost-effective escalation. The procedures are designed to meet the needs of our customers and provide flexibility, local adaptation and control in each of the steps towards commercial manufacturing.

We have the technology, the facilities, the knowledge and the flexibility to take on demanding projects that require personalized processes.

The benefits observed by customers stand out mainly for their impact on the economic sustainability of their products:

Overcoming formulation or production challenges.

Generation of data for authorizations and certifications.

Acceleration of the development process to reach the manufacturing phase quickly and efficiently.

Design and implementation of biotechnological methodologies: analytics, processes, quality control and regulatory environment.

Cost optimization through continuous improvement of manufacturing performance.