We are located in León (northwestern Spain), 325 km from Madrid and 5 km from León-Airport.

The factory, built in 1954, has been constantly renovated and upgraded. ADL BioPharma has one of the largest fermentation capacities in Europe.


  • Our staff consists of 250 people.
  • Our site spreads over a surface of 150,000 m2 (42,000 m2 of buildings).
  • We offer a total fermentation capacity of 2,400 m3.
  • Our total chemical product capacity is 600 m3.

Solvent Recovery

  • We recover more than ten different solvents.
  • We have over 25 distillation columns.
  • We manage over 100 solvent storage tanks.

General Characteristics

  • Steam generator with an output of 350,000 tons a year.
  • Electrical installation capacity: 32 MW.
  • Electricity Consumption: 185 GWh (currently 26 Wh).

Residual Water Treatment Plant:

  • Treatment of chemical and biological effluents: 3,200,000 m3 a year.
  • COD removal: 14,500 tons a year.
  • NH4 removal: 612 tons a year.
  • Surface: 60,000 m2