Development and Innovation (D + i)

ADL has extensive know-how in the development of processes and scaling UP of new sustainable biotechnologies for multiple markets and industrial sectors aimed at providing well-being to society (Food, Flavours and Fragrances, Functional Molecules, Personal Care and others).

The D + i processes at ADL BioPharma take place primarily in our Fermentation Pilot Plants (USP) and Recovery and Purification (DSP) that have been specifically designed to allow the transition from the laboratory to the industrial scale, through fully adapted services and thanks to an extensive knowledge of innovation in bioprocesses.

Our D + i department combines extensive knowledge of the micro-organisms (Bio) and molecular chemistry (API pharma), with the versatility and ability to adapt to the market and to our clients, driving the company towards continuous improvement of the existing processes and contributing, at the same time, to the expansion of the portfolio of own products.

We offer our clients comprehensive support in their projects, from process development to industrial scaling, complying with all the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). We work on very different projects that range from improving production yields at the laboratory level to achieving multiple tons by optimizing the fermentation and purification processes, while providing technical support and in strict compliance with the relevant rules and regulations.

Our clients will find in ADL the preferred partner who will guide them through an efficient operational process to take their biotechnological procedure from the laboratory to the commercial scale phase, in a viable and sustainable way. With a fermentation scaling capacity of 50 to 225 m3 together with a fully dedicated Down Stream Process (DSP) facility.