ADL Biopharma, leader in precision fermentation biotechnology production, announced today its results for the year 2022. Despite the challenging market conditions, the company reported an impressive 40% growth in sales, taking turnover to €53m. The vitality of sales is further supported by an adjusted EBITDA that has increased 2.5 times to reach €5.9 million.

Ignacio Urbelz, Chairman and CEO of ADL Biopharma, has expressed his gratitude to everyone in the company who, for yet another year, have managed to exceed expectations. “ADL’s results are a direct consequence of the commitment and good work of our team,” he said.

This result has been accompanied by the renewed confidence of its sole shareholder, Kartesia, which in August 2022 carried out a debt capitalisation of 24 million euros, strengthening an already more than solid financial structure that will allow it to continue investing in efficiency and expansion of production capacity.

Management improvement, and in particular, the implementation of an integrated management system that has enabled ADL Biopharma to be certified in ISO 14.001, 50.001, 45.001 and 22.000, in addition to GMP Food, Pharma and Halal, are a fundamental pillar for the construction of a company capable of achieving the highest levels of excellence and quality of services for its customers.

The 2022 result confirms the solid leadership position that ADL Biopharma has achieved in the global market for precision fermentation biotechnology production and commercialisation of sterile active pharmaceutical ingredients.



ADL BioPharma is a Spanish company specialised in third party manufacturing and development (CDMO) with two lines of business: precision fermentation and purification and synthesis of sterile oral antibiotics. The company has the know-how of more than 50 years of operations, with one of the largest fermentation capacities in Europe and a state-of-the-art pilot plant to develop and scale-up new molecules. Headquartered in León and employing around 300 people, ADL is in an optimal position to benefit from the expected growth in both end markets.