In a distinguished awards ceremony organized by the Federacion Leonesa de Empresarios (FELE) last Friday, ADL BioPharma, a wholly owned subsidiary of WACKER, was honored with a special mention in the industrial sector. Jörg Lindemann, the Site Manager in León, received the prestigious award, acknowledging the company outstanding contribution to the industry’s development and advancement.

The event, held at the local city Auditorium, was attended by distinguished representatives from the business community, including executives from different departments of ADL BioPharma, who were present on behalf of the company. Jörg Lindemann, in his capacity as Site Manager, proudly accepted the recognition on behalf of the company, highlighting the dedication and collective effort of the ADL BioPharma and WACKER team.

The gala also saw the participation of prominent political leaders, including the Mayor of the city and representatives from the regional government. Their presence underscores the significance and positive impact that companies like ADL BioPharma and WACKER have on local and regional economic development.

ADL BioPharma and the other representatives

ADL BioPharma, as an integral part of the WACKER group, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to excellence in biotechnology. The special mention from FELE is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire ADL BioPharma team to drive innovation and contribute to the sustainable growth of the industry.

Joerg Lindemann, expressing his gratitude, emphasized the importance of collaboration and constant commitment to excellence in research and development. He also highlighted ADL BioPharma’s long-term vision to continue leading the forefront of biotechnology and contributing to societal progress.


In summary, the special mention awarded to ADL BioPharma and WACKER at the FELE awards event reflects its significant achievements in the industrial sector and its ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in biotechnology. The company looks forward to continuing its successful trajectory and making a meaningful contribution to the industry’s advancement in the future.


About ADL BioPharma:

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Wacker Chemie AG, ADL BioPharma is your trusted partner for CDMO services in Precision Fermentation as well as sterile API production. With over 60 years of industry experience, ADL BioPharma supports clients in diverse markets such as food, cosmetics, personal care, and pharma.