ADL Biopharma has just successfully implemented an Integrated Management System based on continuous improvement, which has significantly increased the factory’s standards of quality and excellence.

This Integrated Management System integrates the areas of Quality, Environmental Sustainability, Energy Efficiency and Occupational Health and Safety, which has enabled its certification under the ISO 22000:2018 standards on food safety, ISO 14001:2015 on environmental management, ISO 50001:2018 on energy efficiency and ISO 45001:2018 on occupational health and safety management.

This is the result of the good work of all the people who are part of ADL Biopharma, who have managed to certify the company with some of the highest quality standards. In this way, ADL Biopharma achieves excellence in all the processes carried out within its facilities.


ADL BioPharma is a Spanish company specialised in third party manufacturing and development (CDMO) with two lines of business: precision fermentation and purification and synthesis of sterile oral antibiotics. The company has the know-how of more than 50 years of operations, with one of the largest fermentation capacities in Europe and a state-of-the-art pilot plant to develop and scale-up new molecules. Headquartered in León and employing around 300 people, ADL is in an optimal position to benefit from the expected growth in both end markets.