The Halal Institute, with offices in Cordoba, Lisbon and Mexico City, will offer certification services for all the processes and products produced at ADL BioPharma facilities, while the Leon-based company will promote the application of the Islamic Board’s Halal Guarantee Mark to all its biopharmaceutical customer

ADL BioPharma, leader in the food biotechnology sector, and the Halal Institute, leader in knowledge of the Halal concept and in the application of the Halal Guarantee Mark of the Islamic Board, signed on December 14th a collaboration agreement for the promotion and development of the Halal concept among all its multinational clients in the biotechnology sector.

With this agreement, the Halal Institute and ADL Biopharma agree to promote the Halal concept in the field of biotechnology and its different applications, such as feed, cosmetics, hygienic and phytosanitary products and food supplements, among others; All of them are priority fields of action for ADL Biopharma.

The Halal Institute thus becomes the official certifier body of all the processes and products manufactured at ADL BioPharma in accordance with the reference Halal regulations. For its part, ADL BioPharma becomes a specialized prescriber to promote and publicize the Halal Institute and offer its certification services, as well as the benefits derived from this Halal certification, among its entire customer base.

Within the framework of this collaboration, both entities will carry out all kinds of joint promotional and communication activities that aim to promote the Halal concept and its application in the world of fermentative biotechnologies.

This collaboration agreement was signed during the last visit of the Halal Institute’s Managing Director, Ms. María Isabel Romero Arias, to the facilities of ADL Biopharma in León.

This agreement is three-year in nature and is automatically renewed by agreement of the parties.