ADL BioPharma had a turnover of nearly 38 million euros, thus increasing its sales by almost 14.5 million euros compared to 2020, and was able to sign long-term customer contracts.

ADL BioPharma closed 2021 with a turnover of 38 million euros, which is almost 14.5 million more than the previous year. This increase was based on the signing of new contracts with clients and the improvement in the profitability of its operations.

The rise in sales has meant closing a year in which the stabilization of the company has been achieved after a very complex year 2020, and the preparation of future growth, having made relevant investments in improving infrastructure and increasing production capacity by the hand of its sole shareholder, Kartesia.

2021 also saw the positive recovery of EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization), a financial indicator that shows the operating profit of a company before subtracting depreciation and amortization of the investments made, the interest payable on the debt incurred and, where applicable, the business’s own taxes.

Ignacio Urbelz, CEO of ADL Biopharma has stated “2021 has allowed us to demonstrate the enormous potential of ADL Biopharma, adapting quickly to a very complicated environment, with rising prices of raw materials and energy and supply chains broken at more than one point. The extraordinary work of the ADL Biopharma team has strengthened our competitive position, greatly enhancing our ability to capture long-term business opportunities.”

ADL BioPharma’s commitment to the development of food, cosmetic and fragrance ingredients through high value-added fermentative processes with European quality and environmentally sustainable standards has made them a strategic partner for companies around the world that need support in the development and manufacturing of their products, providing holistic, cost-effective and sustainable solutions, ranging from the initial stage in the laboratory to industrial production.