This Plan focuses on information, training and self-responsibility and introduces safety measures such as the implementation of the Lockout and Tagout procedure (LOTO) or the simplification of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), amongst others.

At ADL BioPharma, our workers safety is a priority, as they are the company most important asset. Besides, this provides added value for customers, since investing in our staff security leads to better results. That’s why we have been arranging a Preventive Culture Plan for some time to help improve health and safety conditions within our facilities.

This Plan, that follows the company’s Health and Safety Policy principles, applies to contractors and anybody else involved in ADL BioPharma’s activities too.

The purpose is to improve safety at work substantially, through the implementation of awareness-raising and prevention initiatives involving all company members. For this reason, all employees are constantly encouraged to report any risks identified in the course of their working tasks. Thus, fostering self-responsibility together with a commitment to safety in the whole company. A clear indicator that always results in better services for customers.

ADL BioPharma is investing time and resources in this task by training and informing its employees and third parties in the identification and communication of risks, in promoting safe behaviour and good practices, in redressing unsafe acts and in integrating prevention in all activities.

As part of this Plan, a safety leadership programme has been implemented, involving management and line management in safety walks and in the effective communication of safety alerts resulting from incidents or major accidents.

In addition, the Lockout and Tagout Procedure (LOTO) and the simplification of the Material Safety Data Sheets have been put in place.