José Antonio Diez Díaz, Mayor of León, and Carmelo Alonso Sutil, Councillor for Economic Promotion, visited this morning ADL BioPharma facilities.

On the course of this visit, they have been able to learn from Ignacio Urbelz Pérez, ADL BioPharma president and CEO, about the change process the company has undergone over this new stage. The acquisition of 51% of the company in October 2020 by Kartesia, the current sole shareholder, was the starting point to this shift. These changes have been set with the aim of developing the new strategic plan that makes ADL BioPharma the European partner of choice in the biotechnology industry.

During the visit they came to know about ADL BioPharma 3 business lines: Product development for customers (Pilot Plant), fermentation production (Biotechnology) and active pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturing destined to the production of sterile antibiotics (Pharma).

“It is good news that ADL BioPharma has found a suitable way for growth and development in León” stated Diez, emphasizing the company performance during this year.

Urbelz stressed the remarkable contribution made both by employees and shareholders to enable ADL BioPharma to position itself as a reference within the European biotechnology industry. He also recalled that ADL BioPharma is historically linked to León and it will remain loyal to its commitment to the city, its society and the development of León’s economy.

In 2021, ADL BioPharma has launched its new strategic plan, that will allow the enterprise to achieve a positive result at the end of this year apart from setting the basis for the growth expected in 2022.

About ADL BioPharma

ADL BioPharma is a biotech company also known as Antibiotics. Its shareholding is 100% owned by Kartesia since February 2021.

ADL makes available its broad know-how in process development and scaling up of new sustainable biotechnologies to companies aimed at providing well-being to society. It achieves this by optimising their production processes in order to supply molecules that are key to their customers’ production process.

ADL BioPharma provides outstanding contract development and manufacturing services. Our commitment is to provide sustainable, profitable and holistic solutions that range from the initial laboratory stage to industrial production. This is the reason it is becoming the European partner of choice for companies of any size, which aim to generate welfare in our environment, to implement their biotechnology projects.

ADL production is manufactured in an environmental sustainable way, in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda based on the ISO 14000:2015 standard.

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