In this new stage they are committed to innovation, resource optimization and the product quality from economic and environmental sustainability.

The biopharmaceutical Company ADL BioPharma, with more than 60 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical sector, renews its corporate image with a natural evolution of colors and logo, always betting on innovation, without losing sight of the personalized and quality service offered to all its customers.

This change is in line with the Leon-based biopharmaceutical company´s commitment to research and development of high –powered projects that have made it a strategic partner for European companies requiring support in the development and manufacture of their products, providing holistic, profitable and sustainable solutions, ranging from the initial stage in the laboratory to industrial production.

ADL BioPharma works with small, medium and large companies, and all its activity is generated in one of the largest biotechnology facilities in southern Europe. Always controlled by a team committed to each project and complying with the high quality standards required for the active pharmaceutical ingredients produced there.

Its facilities have more than 1,800 m3 capacity distributed in different fermentation plants. They also have complementary equipment with more than 170 m3 capacity of vegetative fermentation chamber, more than 250 m3 of auxiliary tanks and continuous sterilizers, and more than 25 distillation columns, all of them destined to biotechnological production.

Excellent technical and human resources at the service of a wide variety of products and processes based on microbial fermentation and biotransformation, including cosmetic ingredients, food supplements, biopolymers, etc.

ADL BioPharma is committed to economic sustainability

As a multi-product fermentation facility, the synergy with their partners allows them to optimize production costs to the maximum, offering not only high quality standards and commitment, but also economic advantages in project costs.

This is the bet that the biopharmaceutical company is making in this new stage in order to help its customers to be more competitive.

This is achieved through continuous improvement and optimization of all processes, thus achieving higher efficiency and higher quality of their productions, polluting less and contributing to maintain environmental sustainability.

In this way ADL BioPharma saves time and money to the companies that have placed their trust in them, which benefit from higher yields of their products at the lowest possible cost.

Committed to the environment

The Leon-based biopharmaceutical company is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda and focuses its daily efforts on achieving a more environmentally sustainable production.

They have an efficient fermentation process in the absence of contamination associated with “ecofriendly” production.

They also have a biological treatment plant for their effluents, with a capacity of up to 10,000 m3/day, which is the largest wastewater treatment plant in the city of Leon, with a surface area equivalent to 5 soccer fields (58,000 m2).

In addition to these measures, there are other voluntary measures to reduce the environmental impact within the framework of recycling, reuse and waste reduction involving all the teams.