Last Tuesday, the presentation of the Innovation Valley of Castilla y León took place in Burgos, where ADL Biopharma is of great importance due to its history, its capacity for innovation in food and personal care industries, and its industrial infrastructure.

The event was attended by representatives of the most prestigious companies from all over the region, with special importance being given to those companies that operate in technological innovation or biotechnology sectors.

The symposium began with a presentation by Mariano Veganzones Díez, current Regional Director of Industry, Trade and Employment of the Junta de Castilla y León. In his speech, he highlighted the capacity of this region to be one of the pioneers at national and international level in successfully carrying out a fourth revolution at industrial level, also known as Industry 4.0. This fourth wave of innovation is backed by a growing expenditure in research and development, and by a strong support from all innovation agents in the region.

Castilla y León also has a strategic geographical position, a high quality of life, an incomparable natural environment, a solid and strong business cluster that offers security to investors and entrepreneurs, and a first class education system.

Afterwards, important players in the region, such as Andrés Hernando, CEO of Hiperbaric, Ester Porras, Director of Aciturri, and our CEO, Ignacio Urblez, among other executives, took their seats at a round table. The debates revolved around the visualisation and study of current problems and their possible ways of improvement, and above all the region’s capacity to be a benchmark in innovation at the highest level.

ADL Biopharma, within this Innovation Valley, takes on crucial importance in the development of new products with high added value due to its capacity for innovation in the Pilot Plant located within its own facilities. In this manufacturing structure, a wide know-how accumulated in bioprocess innovation is used to shape various biotechnology developments based on precision fermentation.