The biotechnology company ADL BioPharma is committed to innovation and environmental sustainability as the basis for providing personalized, sustainable and reliable biotechnological solutions that facilitate companies, of any size, the manufacture of products that improve people’s well-being.

We do so thanks to the great experience and the support we carry out with all our clients which allow us to fulfill our business mission in the most efficient way both economically and environmentally.

“We accept the challenge of sitting next to the client, in the passenger seat, sharing the risks while we show the route and the best way to drive, avoiding obstacles, providing the precise solutions in each section of the route, in each curve to, finally, reach the goal and be able to enjoy the success achieved”, they explain from the company.

ADL offers itself as a great ally and strategic partner for all those biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies that work with the enthusiasm and courage necessary to bring the well-being of people to all corners of the planet.

The D + i processes at ADL BioPharma the key to success

ADL has extensive experience in the development of processes and scaling up of new sustainable biotechnologies for multiple markets and industrial sectors aimed at providing well-being to society such as food, flavors and fragrances or personal care and cosmetics among others.

This is possible thanks to its Fermentation Plant (USP) and its Recovery and Purification Plant (DSP) that have been specifically designed to allow the transition from the laboratory to the industrial scale, through fully adapted services.

In this way, it has becomed one of the leading companies due to its great versatility and ability to adapt to the market, in such a way that it offers its clients comprehensive support in their projects. From the development of the process to the industrial scaling that can range from improvements in productive yields at the laboratory level to achieving multiple tons by optimizing the fermentation and purification processes, in turn providing technical support and with strict compliance with the existing rules and regulations.

Economic and environmental sustainability

As a multi-product fermentation facility, we are capable of achieving high standards of quality and commitment, as well as economic reductions in project costs.

“We support our clients and partners to be more competitive and we do it from constant work and continuous improvement” they point out from ADL.

“Our goal is to save time and money to companies that have trusted ADL, which benefit from obtaining higher yields from their products at the lowest possible cost, thus maintaining the economic sustainability of their businesses” they explain.

All this must be achieved keeping always in mind the commitment to the environment. Seeking to contaminate less and aiming to ecofriendly processes such as efficient fermentation in the absence of contamination.

A company aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the 2030 Agenda that has defined the lines of action in its Environmental Policy and is implementing an Environmental Management System based on the ISO 14000: 2015 standard that has also a  treatment plant of industrial wastewater that allows it to treat up to 10,000 m3 / day through pretreatment systems with homogenization, neutralization and physical separation by sedimentation.