Within the framework of both companies’ commitment to sustainable development

  • Capital Energy will provide 61,000 megawatts hour (MWh) per year of clean and competitive power to this emblematic Leonese biotechnology company premises over the next five years.
  • Additionally, by signing a framework agreement (MOU), ADL BioPharma and Capital Energy are already exploring various collaboration opportunities related to the provision of green energy, and the search for innovative solutions in the fields of circular economy and the fair energy transition in Castile and Leon.
  • This agreement, a product of Capital Energy’s commitment to developing the territories where it carries out its activity, ratifies the company’s commitment to this region, considered to be strategic and a priority. Actually, Capital Energy is currently developing renewable projects up to a total of 3,350 MW of power in this area.

León, 28 September 2021.- Capital Energy, a Spanish power company founded in 2002 with the aim to become the first 100% vertically integrated electricity enterprise on the Iberian Peninsula, has signed a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with ADL BioPharma, whereby this emblematic Leonese biotechnology company will receive clean and competitive power over the next five years.

Thanks to this agreement, Capital Energy will supply 61,000 megawatts hour (MWh) of renewable power annually to ADL BioPharma facilities located in the city of León, equivalent to the average electricity consumption of 25,000 Spanish homes, and preventing the annual emission of around 24,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

To begin with, Capital Energy will provide ADL BioPharma with the power generated at the Palencian Las Tadeas windfarm, the first one to be operational in Castile and Leon. As of 2023, the company plans to cover ADL BioPharma’s consumption with the electricity produced by its windfarm projects in Leon, guaranteeing 100% local supply for the industries in the province.

This power purchase agreement for renewable electricity, which is ground-breaking in Spain due to the nature of the signing companies -an independent renewable energy developer and an industrial company-, is contained within a larger memorandum of understanding (MOU) recently signed between them, by which Capital Energy and ADL BioPharma aim to become strategic partners and develop projects in various fields.

Specifically, and within the framework of their firm commitment to sustainable development, both companies are already exploring opportunities related to power supply and innovative solutions in the fields of circular economy and the fair energy transition in Castile and Leon, with special focus on the province of Leon.

Capital Energy and ADL BioPharma are going to assess the design and development of initiatives associated with optimising production processes, as well as with the reuse of waste, in order to actively contribute to extending the lifecycle of resources and provide solutions for the industries in the region. They will also collaborate in looking into optimising energy resources, with projects in areas such as self-consumption, storage, green hydrogen, etc.

For Juan José Sánchez, Capital Energy CEO, “this agreement with ADL BioPharma is part of our Sustainability Strategy, which is based on the socio-economic and environmental development of the regions through the promotion of the local industry and job creation, in this case in Castile and Leon and, specifically, in the province of Leon”.

Ignacio Urbelz, ADL BioPharma CEO, explained that “ensuring that we have a steady supply of 100% renewable power is in alignment with our vision of a company that is committed to serving the food and personal care industries. We manufacture products aimed at wellbeing and we facilitate the transition towards a more sustainable world. This step reflects our aim to encourage more natural production processes that will reduce the impact of our activity”.

Castile and Leon, a strategic and priority region for Capital Energy

The agreement signed with ADL BioPharma is a result of Capital Energy’s commitment to Castile and Leon, a strategic and priority region in the development of the company’s clean energy project. The company, which already has an operating wind farm in Palencia (Las Tadeas, with 39 MW), produces over 3,350 MW, both from wind (over 2,760 MW) and sun (590 MW) in this community. The commissioning of this entire capacity entails a global investment of around €3.3 billion.

Capital Energy currently has 46 renewable energy projects in Castile and Leon, 37 wind and nine solar, spread over seven of the nine provinces: Avila, Valladolid, Zamora, Leon, Palencia, Burgos and Soria. Furthermore, over half of the company’s renewable initiatives will have a positive impact on the so-called areas of influence of the fair energy transition: Compostilla and La Robla, in the province of Leon, and the Alfoz region, in Burgos.

Capital Energy offices in Valladolid, Ponferrada and Soria prove its commitment to local job creation It, actually, employs fifteen professionals and provides over 40 additional jobs thanks to hiring the services of engineering and environmental consultancy companies. The company has also centralised the customer service of its retail arm through a call centre located in Ponferrada, which has created almost twenty direct jobs.

About ADL BioPharma

ADL BioPharma is a Spanish company specialised in contract development and manufacturing for third parties (CDMO) with two business lines: precision fermentation and purification, and sterile oral antibiotics produced by synthesis. The company has almost 70 years experience in the biotechnology industry, it offers one of Europe’s largest fermentation capabilities and an avant-garde pilot plant for developing and scaling new molecules.

Based in Leon and with a working force of over 290 employees, ADL is in an optimal position to benefit from the expected growth in both end markets.

About Capital Energy

In line with its commitment to a green and fair energy transition, Capital Energy currently has a portfolio of wind and solar projects in the Iberian Peninsula with around 35 gigawatts (GW) capacity. More than 8.7 GW have already received network access grants.

Thanks to the launch of its retail arm in the final quarter of 2020, Capital Energy reached its strategic aim of being present on the entire renewable energy value chain: from development, where the Company has a consolidated position endorsed by its 20-year history, to construction, production, storage, operation and supply. The company has 380 employees distributed throughout its 15 offices in Spain and Portugal.