ADL Biopharma attended the 3rd Fermentation-Enable Alternative Protein, an event in California that brings together the most important companies in the fermentation biotechnology sector.

The 3 days of this outstanding event have been an opportunity for ADL to establish new contacts with customers and suppliers, as well as to create synergies with other companies that, we are sure, will be the origin of future collaborations.

One of the most important objectives of this visit was, without a doubt, to actively participate in several of the workshops in which technical manufacturing processes and the sustainable development of viable, high-value products, such as those manufactured at our own facilities in León, were discussed.

Purification processes, a real Achilles’ heel for many of the companies present, played a major role in these debates. Purification is one of the most critical processes in industrial fermentation and where ADL provides added value through the optimisation of its systems.

In this collaborative environment, we brought to the table for discussion the progress and developments we are making in the pilot plant at our facilities. It was very enriching to share with the other attendees how, in this plant, we carry out the process of scaling up from the laboratory to industrial production in an efficient and trouble-free manner thanks to our knowledge of innovation in bioprocesses.

The outcome of the congress is very positive, both for the relationships established for cooperation with other companies, as well as for the exchange of knowledge and new developments.

All this renews our spirit to face the year, and members of the company are already working to reap the fruits of this event. In this way, we continue in the line of progress that has led us to become global leaders in the supply of functional molecules manufactured by fermentation processes.