This visit shows the good coordination between the León Fire Brigade and ADL, and proves the factory’s commitment to safety in all its facilities.

On Friday 3rd December 2021, ADL BioPharma Emergency Directors and Intervention Managers received a visit from Santos David Aláiz Marcos, Sergeant and Acting Director of León Fire Brigade.

This visit comes to prove ADL BioPharma’s commitment to make its facilities safe for all the employees who work there daily and who are, without doubt, the organisation’s main asset.

Santos emphasized the importance for the Fire Brigade to have a thorough knowledge of the facilities for possible interventions. He also stressed the relevance of having good prevention practices in place: “The best thing about my job would be not to have to do it”.

Lorena Alegre, Head of ADL’s own Prevention Service, showed the organisation of the emergency team to the Sergeant, and she acknowledged both his visit and the cooperation the Fire Brigade has always kept with ADL.

The Head of Production, João Paulo Cherubim, took him to visit the Emergency Control Centre where emergency warnings are received in the factory. And the Head of the Intervention Unit, Ángel Sánchez, had the opportunity to show him the emergency vehicle, property of ADL BioPharma, fitted with fire-fighting equipment and specific fire-fighting suits.

The pharmaceutical company is fully equipped to face possible security problems. Actually, ADL has its own fire water tank, an extensive system of equipped hydrants and fire hydrants, storage sheds to keep the fire protection equipment and an alarm system distributed throughout the facilities.

ADL BioPharma recibe al sargento del servicio de bomberos de León