ADL BioPharma has received this Tuesday 28th in its factory in León a representation of the attendees of the XVII Symposium of Intelligent Control of the Spanish Committee of Automatics, with the aim of strengthening ties and making a technical visit to the factory.

This year the Symposium was held at the School of Industrial, Computer and Aerospace Engineering, where members of the Spanish Committee of Automatics, professionals from the sector, researchers from the University of León, PhD students and recent PhD students gathered.

ADL BioPharma, in coordination with the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering and Automatics of the University of León, which this year is hosting the Symposium, was able to explain to the working group how, from León, it is possible to have a leading position in biotechnology, the main activity of ADL, which currently exports 100% of its production. The attendees were also able to learn about the operation, purpose and potential development of the Pilot Plant, which allows ADL BioPharma to provide a complementary high value-added service to its customers.

Ignacio Urbelz, President and CEO of ADL BioPharma said: “In the world of biotechnology, the use of artificial intelligence and advanced Industry 4.0 technologies is essential to maintain leadership in order to ensure the long-term competitiveness of the business.

ADL BioPharma continues to strengthen its ties with its environment, investing in knowledge and developing its relationship with the University of León and with Spanish researchers and scientists of the highest level.

Ignacio Urbelz, Presidente y Consejero Delegado de ADL BioPharma, destacó: “En el mundo de la biotecnología, el uso de inteligencia artificial y tecnologías avanzadas de industria 4.0 es fundamental para poder mantener el liderazgo que asegure la competitividad del negocio a largo plazo.”

ADL BioPharma continúa estrechando lazos con su entorno, invirtiendo en conocimiento y desarrollando su relación con la Universidad de León y con los investigadores y científicos españoles del más alto nivel.