ADL BioPharma’s facilities have received the visit of Mr. Mariano Veganzones Díez, Minister of Industry, Trade and Employment of the Junta de Castilla y León, and Mr. Fernando Campo González, General Director of Industry.

With the help of our president and CEO, Mr. Ignacio Urbelz Pérez, they were able to know the process of change that the company has undergone over the last two years. These changes began in October 2020 with the acquisition of the 51 % of the company by the current sole shareholder, Kartesia, and they are aimed at developing the new strategic plan that makes ADL BioPharma the strategic partner of reference in the European biotechnology industry.

During the visit, the three business units that ADL BioPharma currently has were shown: scale-up of biotechnological products for clients (Pilot Plant), production in biotechnology by means of precision fermentation (Biotechnology) and production of active pharmaceutical ingredients for the manufacture of sterile antibiotics (Pharma). This visit was also an excellent opportunity to make known the ambitious project to extend the wastewater treatment plant, to which it is planned to add a plant to obtain biofuel from the waste obtained.

ADL BioPharma recibe la visita del consejero de Industria de la Junta de Castilla y León