Last June, ADL BioPharma renewed its “GMP food” certification in compliance with the CODEX Alimentarius, for production through fermentation and recovery processes. In addition, it extends and certifies this quality system to its Fermentation Pilot Plant and the products manufactured in it.

The term GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is the international name for good manufacturing practices. They are the industrial manufacturing standards, which arise from the need to ensure the quality and food safety of the products obtained.

This certification is increasingly demanded by companies producing food supplements. This is because the notable growth of these companies has led to increasing demands on the control of their production processes, ensuring the safety and control of all their products.

The main objective of the GMP’s is to guarantee that the products are manufactured under adequate sanitary conditions and that the risks inherent to production and distribution are reduced, that is, the products are manufactured consistently and are controlled by applying rigorous quality standards according with current legislation, ensuring safe and quality products.

These standards include basic operational conditions and procedures that any company manufacturing food products must comply with. For instance:

  • Construction and provision of food stores.
  • Training given to employees.
  • Proper maintenance of the equipment and tools used in the company.
  • The use of suitable cleaning products.
  • Identification and storage of waste generated by the company.
  • The implementation and effectiveness of the traceability system.
  • Cleaning the premises of food, equipment, utensils, floors, walls and ceilings.
  • An effective pest control program.


  • Provides a major improvement to a food safety system that increases customer confidence in their commitment to selling and producing safe, high-quality food.
  • Ability to operate internationally.
  • It unifies sanitary requirements and procedures applicable to all food companies.
  • GMP certification offers independent verification and certification that basic manufacturing practices are followed based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

The preliminary work carried out in the pilot plants helps to carry out the process of transferring technology from new processes to the production plant in a more efficient way. During these preliminary stages, possible technical problems are analyzed, detected and solved, which reduces the risk when scaling a process to large fermentation volumes.

ADL obtained the “GMP Food” certification for fermentation and recovery products in 2020. This certification has just been renewed and expanded in June this year, including now the Fermentation Pilot Plant and all the products that are manufactured there too. This constitutes a clear recognition of the strict control and monitoring of the processes carried out in our pilot plants.

We are not the only company in the sector that has this certificate, although the Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) responds to a voluntary application regulation that gives prestige to the company that follows its guidelines, with the aim of offering its customers the maximum confidence, through product quality, anticipating the mandatory requirements on the control of food supplements.