At the beginning of 2021 ADL resumed activity in the pilot plant in which the technology transfer of two projects is currently being carried out. One of them aims to produce a high-value product in the cosmetic industry, and the other focuses on the production of a molecule for different industrial applications, such as textiles or paints.

This plant is a fundamental piece in ADL’s strategic plan and for this reason it has spent two years (2019 and 2020) immersed in the renovation of its facilities in order to provide a differential service to its customers.

It is in these facilities that ADL accumulates all the experience of these 60 years, and where it helps its clients to scale up their projects.

Development and innovation processes, which are the company’s DNA, are carried out there. Always focused on generating new and more efficient processes.

And that is precisely what makes this pilot plant different, which is a benchmark in the biotech sector and one of the few in all of Europe.

It gives the opportunity to many companies that do not have the option of scaling in their facilities to be able to carry it out within the pilot plant.

The company wants to democratize an innovation process that in most cases is only possible for larger companies. Thus, with this plant, all companies, including SMEs and start-ups, can access this scaling process that goes from innovation to manufacturing.

ADL collects the client’s procedures and manages to improve the production process, guaranteeing through advanced analytical methodology that the product complies with the specifications and parameters required by the client.

These services are provided from the strictest confidentiality since ADL is a strategic partner and scrupulously respects the confidentiality agreements regarding the projects it is developing.